16 February 2009

Do You Like Your Teeth?

Sometimes, I realize that I am a kind of girl who is easily happy over tiny little thing. Smile can easily been curved on my face. Of course, I am a good laughter too. But trust me, you will be surprised or even shocked if you see me laughing. Not a good scene for stranger who doesn't know me well. Lol..

Seriously, are you asking me why?

Well, my face will turn red while my so called 'Dracula tooth' will appear. Frankly, I don't really like my teeth arrangement as they are disorganized and give an unattractive smile. I used to have two 'Dracula teeth' or known as Cuspid (if I am not mistaken) which look so much like fangs. They really look frightening and that was why I hate to smile back in my high school moment. It did affect my self-esteem. But not now anymore... ;)

Spot my vampire tooth if you can.

Anyway, one was gone after going through the 'dentist operation'. Lol.. That's mean, I only have one cuspid which is slightly higher than the others.

Just a question from me, do you feel that good teeth arrangement will boost up your self esteem? Do you think it is important to have a set of healthy and beautiful teeth? What will you do if you realize that they aren't perfect enough? Will you wear bracelets?

Mac, my lovely cousin is going to be a dentist soon. It is great to have a dentist in the family as he can guide me to have a good, strong, healthy teeth. I know I am not good in taking care of my teeth. That's why, I am practicing what he told me during in our last meeting.

His advice:

1) Brush teeth at least twice per day. It is good to brush after every meal.
2) Brush at least 10-15 minutes and make sure every tooth receive same treatment.

3) Floss your teeth for better result.

4) Use Listerine to clean your teeth especially on those hidden wisdom teeth. However, use this chemical not more than two times per week.
5) Take milk (I wonder did he tell me this or I heard it from others)

6) Visit your dentist at least twice per year.

Brushing teeth at least 10 to 15 minutes seemed a little hard because that is kinda long for me. Well, to keep my teeth strong and healthy, I do what he told me - regularly of course! I have high determination for this one as I can't imagine myself being an old toothless lady. Or maybe with thick brown yellowish tartar teeth?


Doesn't that sound worse compare to vampire teeth?
Mac, be my next dentist will ya? I want my teeth like.....

1) Whitney Houston...

2) Alicia Key....

3) Lee Hom.. my favourite Asian artist!

4) Or maybe... Tom Cruise..

Wait... I mean this one..

Oh my!
I want to be so much like them. ENVY!