05 February 2009

Mesmerizing Moment In Kek Lok Si

My life is starting to be 'interesting' with abundance of easy assignments and tests. Puff....
That's great.

Life as a student is always fun. Without a large amount of assignments, tests and activities, no one should be labeled as student. Yeah. No one. That's why I am glad that I am a student.


Ok. I lie.

I am not happy at all. I am just trying to be optimistic like what 3point8 mentioned before in his brilliant post (which I like a lot).

Emmmm.... I know. Being a student is much happier than being an employee. The stress at workplace is even worse. Well, I just want to rant my negative emotion here. Anyway, don't worry. I know how to manage my time properly.. (Asha: Bettu is capable and independent. Hehe..)

Ok. Lets continue with my mesmerizing moment in Penang Island. This time, it is about Kek Lok Si Temple, like what I had promised in my previous post. Seriously, that was my best trip ever in Penang. It was full of surprises and excitement.

Although I am a Penangite (Penang lang), it was my first visit to this temple during Chinese New Year. All this while, I had been listening to a lot of people complaining that this place was crowded and it was hard to look for parking. So, most of the time, our attempt to Kek Lok Si during Chinese New Year (CNY) was faded.

Well, not this time and I shall thank to my lovely cousin, Mac.. ;)

I guess, some of you must be asking what is that? A tree? Well, it is a wishing man-made-tree. You can write your wish on the RM1 wishing fabric and then, hang it on the tree. Of course, I took part as well. What is my wish? Emm... it is secret.. :D

The most interesting news is, I was once again being the photographer and this time, I picked my friends as my models!!!
Muahahaha... Look at my work!

I am really proud of my photos although they might not turn out professionally. I can see some weaknesses like the lighting problem, noice and bad focusing. Some how, it is a good start for my photography career. Lol... I want to be one, but not now.


I love this place a lot, harmony and peaceful. The feeling of connectedness is so strong whenever I see 'Guan Yin' face. It is like the spiritual feeling which is hardly describe using words.

We spent nearly 2 hours there, walking almost every corner of the new area. This place has changed a lot with new buildings and it look definitely different during night time. Colourful lights had brought up the CNY mood. Lovely!

Before the lights were off sharp at 12am, we managed to took a few group photos. I guess, we had been spending too much time, posing in front of the camera. This should be the new disease in new era.


We tried to leave the place fast before it was dark. However, there was someone who couldn't stop posing and the person wasn't me: But him.


Curryegg can't do that.. I am lost.