20 February 2009

Kelly's Career Life Line

There is something I wanna share with you.
Something so personal yet interesting in my case. As I had told you before in my previous post that I had just finished my assignment and guess what? One of the task is to make our own life-line regarding to our very own career development. That's mean, we have to include past experience, present as well as future plan.

It is indeed a very fun assignment which I enjoy a lot. Since it requires personal experience as well as creative work, I am all over it. My nerve get me working without me pushing myself hard. Wait! I did push myself as I am doing last minute work again! Eeerrrrrrr.......

Frankly, I can't denial as last minutes work gives me inspiration. I did try to do it early, before the deadline. However, I realized it was wasting time as I couldn't come up with anything except playing with the pencil.

So, back to my life-line story. By doing this line, I realize how my parents, school, society and my personality have influenced me all this while and I had picked the road which have lead me to today, the present. Each point I made in my life-line indicates something important which I wanted to highlight at that particular age. I drew picture for each point to symbolize the meaning I wanted to explain.

For example, at the age of 19-20, I drew 4 roads which I was stuck before. I felt so lost at that moment as I didn't know what kind of courses I wanted to take after STPM, not to mention the career I want for future. It should be taken seriously as I don't want to have any regret in my life.

So, the 4 roads and an undecided little stick man standing on the road represent my critical moment in my life. It wasn't easy but I had managed to choose the road I want and.... I am here! ;D

The rest of the points after 22, it shows my future plan. You can make some guesses on what I have planned based on the picture if you want. Haha....

Oops. Did I miss my points before 22? It shows my past and the little baby who is sleeping soundly in the picture is ME! Me! Haha.... I love that drawing so much. At first, I thought my water colour skills may be bad since it had been years I never touched my brush. Surprisingly, it turns up pretty well.

If you wish to know how to make your own life-line or any other information regarding to career development, you can drop me an email: curryegg87(at)gmail(dot)com . I may not be an expert, for now (wait till I become an expert. hehe..) but we can make a little discussion on it. Sound fun? Haha..

Oops. I should continue doing my assignment now. Sighhh... another one.
See you guys soon.. And Happy FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!