18 September 2009


Finally, I am ready to post up my birthday pictures and a short video clip in reviewing my feelings towards my friends' present. It took me like weeks to come up with something I satisfied the most. What a virgo baby - a perfectionist. Well, not 100% but at least a little..


After days of hard work, they are ready to be shared. Forgive me if I have kept you waiting for so long especially Yin Ying and Irene - like 18 days! Don't angry me k? *hugs*

This post isn't just to recapitulate my 22nd birthday as there are so much feelings I want to pour out in this petite column. So much till I don't know where should I begin.. emm.... confusing uh?

Why not I start with the name, EggieQue? I realized a lot of my friends are curious to know how I found this name. It is simply comes from eggie+barbeque = EggieQue. The idea of organizing a birthday party didn't appear in my mind till the late month of August. If it wasn't Eric's determination to make it happened, I don't think EggieQue could be a success.

*thanks dear for everything*

Organizing an event isn't easy at all if there is no proper plan and helps from others, even a small birthday bash like this. You have to make sure there were enough food, drink, ideal place for the party, the number of guests, cash and etc. Oh ya, there is one more thing. You have to pray hard for good weather in order to organize a bbq party. Thanks God, the sky was clear during my big day. Amitabha...

Chicken Wings from Kok Wei: The best chicken wings chef of the night.
But emm... why one of my ayam tak masak one? >.<

The most unforgettable moment.. <3

The name of 'EggieQue' came out that very morning when I was disturbed by a loud noise when I was still dreaming. I thought it would be fun to have an unique theme and dress code. So, after scrabbling down my overall plan, a number of smses were being sent out. What was the result? Haha... Half of the people wearing yellow or white, except me.

Once I sent out those smses only I relized that I don't have nice yellow or white outfit. The idea of wearing the pink Egypitian print dress was there and I had no choice but to be the unique one. lol.. sorry guys if this disappoint you. Somehow, the host should be something extra-ordinary right? haha.. XD

EggieQue started from 7pm and ended at 12am. It was seriously a fun, touching moment for me as there were lot of surprises from my friends. Tears almost escaped from my eyes when I received so many of my friends' turn up during on that day. I had my 2 best friends, one from primary school and another from secondary school (sad that may couldn't make it) who were willing to spare their times for me. Not to forget my coursemates and new friends from UM and Uniten respectively.

The feeling was like friends from every stage of my life were meeting each other on a table. It started from childhood, teenager and now early adult. The feeling was great because it just reflected the real me - the whole me. I am still the same person no matter where I am and who I know.

  • Primary school: Irene
  • Secondary school: Jane, Yin Ying
  • University: May Teng, Suet Wei, Jimmy, D-shin, Bei Shan, June, Aileen
  • Eric's University friends: Kenneth, Su Ann, Kok Wei, Kiang Wei, Steven, Siang
  • New friends: Nga, Pei Tsan, Edward

Thanks for everything you have done to me my dear friends. Your attendance really melted my heart, not to mention the fun and laughter we had together. At the same time, I would like to thank you for allowing me to be who I am throughout this year - especially Irene. We might apart from each other, but I am still the same person you know for 16 years. Same goes to Jane, May and the rest.

In order to show my gratitude, I have created a video clip, specially dedicated to you. I hope you enjoy the clips (after facing lot of difficulties in uploading it). May our friendships continue and God bless you always, and always..


P/s: Whenever you are free, call me and we go 'yum cha' together.. :)