24 September 2009

My Uncle Reads My Blog

Not long ago, when my Uncle Khoo came back from United States after attending a flying course, he gave me several surprises. One of the surprises is this:

Luggage tag.

This tag is to be placed around your bag or luggage. So, when you’ve lost your bag or luggage (especially in the airport) those who are kind and honest will return your belonging to the service counter or contact you straight away. He did tell me that only pilot like him can order and customize this kind of tag from FlightSafety.

Oh dear.. what a privilege I have. Thanks uncle!


It is so sweet of him for remembering me and bought me something real special, for his children as well as me. He is just like my father and I am really glad he always shower me with his fatherly love ever since I was small.

However, there is one thing I can yet to believe is that….. "HE READ MY BLOG!" (Oopss.. controlling my excitement).

I mean, uncle you read my blog!??


I did ask him how did he find my blog and do you know what he answered? “I just type ‘curryegg’ on the yahoo search engine and your website appear”. Wooooww.. My uncle is a high tech savvy man. I didn’t know this until I receive this tags.

Don’t play play ar…

*Tunning into a calmer tone*

Thanks uncle for this lovely gift. By now onwards, I know you are my loyal reader and thanks for remembering my blog URL. It is so nice of you..