20 August 2010

23 New Spicy Things: Run 1/2 Campus




I have completed my 4th goals which is to run half of my campus with a friend. I can’t believe it that I managed to run (and walk) half the campus. Thank to Bei Shan dear for accompany me and being my motivator. She is good in that :)


If you still remember my 23 New Spicy Things To Do list, you will understand what is this all about. Do check out before continue reading this.


For your information, I had not been doing any walking since… well.. I couldn’t even remember. lol. My stamina is weak and I can hear the alarm bell, pushing me to do something on that.


photoftheday20 My 1 year old Adidas sport shoes is my best walking buddy.


Well, ran today in a very spontaneous mode. I did that without much planning. Again, thank to Bei Shan for borrowing her short pants which allow me to run better (or else, i might have to run with my skinny jeans. no no, bad choice).


So yes, I’ve completed my 4th goals. Looking forward for more success.


Wish you have a great Friday (and I know I will!)