27 August 2010

Me In The Present

I have been busy looking for a place to do my internship in these few weeks. I had been to places like university and hospital to ask for vacancy. Well, so far the responses received aren’t that positive because those places which I visited are already full.


Currently, I am still searching for available internship for Counseling students like me. Hope that Shan’s and mine applications will be accepted (we are partners) soon.


So, I’m sorry if you have been waiting for my updates till your neck almost fall off (choi! just joking. better don’t. lol). There are so many things I wanna write but I am still figuring out.. em.. where should I begin?


Anyway, I would want to update you with my Part 2 Photo Of The Day photo collection. They are my footprints in these few weeks. Love them so much.



The best smiles of the day =D


The most respected guru – The Art Of Living.


Visited one of the drug addicts centers in Selangor.


Full House – With old and new friends <3


One of my most unique photo collections.


The most expensive durian i ever had in my life – RM45


The sweetest dessert with a sweet buddy.


Finally done running half of the campus.

A warm message to a friend who had caught my attention during in the class.photoftheday23

I love UM.

The Gathering Of Great Minds Party Conference.

photoftheday24 The coolest Chinese coursemates – Latest photo.



I love all the memories I have so far. Though my editing skills isn’t that impressive (like those graphic designer or pro photographer), i still love all my above works. Looking forward for more adventures in future with people around me.


Wish you have a wonderful weekend. I know I’m going to enjoy mine. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D