05 August 2010

My Blog Being Hacked?

I seriously have no idea on what had actually happened to my blog some hours ago (or maybe even now) because I have received 3 messages from my blog readers who failed to access my blog since in the morning.


One of the messages was from @joshuatly ‘s tweet. I just read it not long ago and the news really shocked me:



hey why your blog when i visit it says: Blog has been removed Sorry, the blog at curryegg.blogspot.com has been removed. ???



No wonder Google sent a security message to me, saying that there was something suspicious with my google account (in which blogger and google are  connected. so it will affect my blogger account too). That might cause the failure of accessing my blog.


Now I am worried, is there hacker around who wanna hack my account? Did he/she/they delete my account before this? Anything I can do to rescue my blog from being hacked in future? I think I should start looking for backup plan. Isk.


By the way, can you access to my blog now?  I hope the answer is yes.