28 August 2009

Birthday Wishlist

I am sorta curious that why some of my friends are so eager to know my latest wishlist. Few of them seemed to be so interested to explore my list. Partially, I guess I know why. My 22nd birthday is just a stone throw, like... em... 4 days from now (28th August 2008).


Since a few people are asking and this question sounds like a good one for me which will direct me to my goal, I think it is good to make my list here. If I can get some opinions or ways in how to get them, that will be definitely good.

My 22nd Wishlist

1) A new desk

You have no idea on how desperate I am to get a proper study desk for myself in these few years. A simple, moderate size desk which doesn't take much space fits my needs.

2) A desk lamp

Yes. I definitely need an extra light bulk on my study desk as the light in my room is slightly dim. Bad lighting will reduce one's concentration. Plus, it spoils the eyes.

3) Videocam

I want a videocam so much lately especially in this very semester. One of the main reason is because, my counseling courses require us to record all of our counseling sessions and this has made me wanting to own one so much. Another reason is.. emm.. shhhhh... can't tell. It is my secret..

4) Pendrive/Thumbdrive

Two of my pendrives have failed to function. I only left 1 now.. I need extra USB thumdrive to save my assignments and pictures.. :(

5) External hard disk

It is so important to store all my important files in another disk (extra copy) just in case my main desktop is being attacked by virus or other disaster!

6) A New Mother

Gosh! Did I tell you that my CPU has already broken?
It burnt and smoked before it official dies. My cousin who was the last person who used my computer was shocked when she heard the loud 'pop' sound and smoke coming from the back of my CPU. I guess she had over-used my old CPU. Well, it is time to change.

I am looking for a new mother for my CPU. I mean motherboard.

7) Books!

Any good books are my favourite.

8) Polo T, blouse, skirt and dress!

Anything which fits my body well and make me look perfectly fabulous. Lol.. I mean anything. Don't ask me why because I am just a FEMALE. Wait, can candy color socks included? Well, yes.. ;)

9) Hermit Crabs!

Lately, I am so crazy about Hermit crabs and have been thinking of rarely a pair. I have been reading so much about them on the internet and brochure and really wish to rare this unique crabs. Do you know, they need to change their shell consistently? From small, medium to big size of shell. Interesting isn't it? ;D

10) Love - friend and family

Good relationship with people mean a lot to me as I always connect myself with them as whole-heartedly as I can. Family and friends are whom come into my mind first when I am talking about people. I am a type of person who treasure friendship and love so much, as if they are the only resources which motivate me to live a happy life. As I am growing up, I can see how important love and care from others in someone's life. You might or might not notice this but for sure, you can feel it, can't you?

So, shower me with your consistent care and love and treat me as your real friend. That will be the biggest present for me - I am serious.

I guess, here are the list so far. Please, I don't expect to get all these from you but for me to work hard on them to get at least few of them? Of course, the 10th item is specially dedicated to you (those who really treat me as a friend, dear, honey, bebe or girl girl). So, do the last one for me, will you?


Looks like August is going to end soon.
Time pass so fast. I should get myself ready for tomorrow counseling session. Another 6 to go. All the best to me.. ;)