21 August 2009

I Am The Counselor!

Lately, I have been busy preparing and conducting for my counseling sessions, both individual and group counseling. They are my assignments for this semester. I have to conduct 5 sessions each for individual and group counseling. The total number of clients I have to get is 3+4 = 7 clients. Yeah, so basically, I need 10 sessions and 7 clients.

So far, I have conducted 2 individual sessions and 1 group session. Bravo for myself.

That also explain why I rarely blog of late.

Ever since I have stepped into my 3rd year, I know things are getting tougher. Serious effort and full commitment must be given in order to conduct a good counseling session. To explain what is a good counseling session is I want to be a real counselor, creating an effective counseling session in which I can really help my client rather than just for assignment. Well, what is the point to be a pretended (fake) counselor who want to score high mark in assignment or test but fail to help his or hers client?

Of course, I am not a real counselor yet but believe me, I am almost there. By giving generous amount of effort and honest sincerity in helping, I know I will achieve my goal in no time. Other than my own effort, helps from others especially my friends has lighten up my way. They have allowed me to practice whatever I have learned in these few years. The 'they' whom I am referring here is my clients. The 7 confirmed clients who are already in my list.

Thanks my friends for your willingness to help. No one other than myself can imagine how hard to get a number of ideal clients. Ideal in the sense that compatible with my time, date and place. I took 3 weeks to look for my clients. 3 weeks to fit in my schedule.

During that entire 3 weeks, I was stress and worried. I thought there were no hopes anymore and I might force my best friends to be my clients if, I still fail to get any. Before hope turns into despair, I was visited by lady luck who has changed my sad ending into something positive. I believe you can guess what happen next. I have volunteers who can be my clients!


So, what I should do now is to perform well and at the same time learn from my clients and lecturers. I have been given this opportunity to perform and improve myself although they are just assignments. Well, there will be no experience if I don't give this a good try, right? Trust me, this is the starting in producing a professional counselor.

Yeah, here I am:
the Kelly Tan counselor

So, who wanna be in my waiting list? You get discount if you register now. Better hurry than sorry.