04 August 2009

Still, Unacceptable - Gary Leon Robert

Although the news of Gary Leon Robert's death has been announced since yesterday about 1.05p.m, the cuts on my heart are still unbearable. The imaginary picture of him sprawling in a filthy, isolated dark pedestrian tunnel at a stadium in Selangor keep on hunting me after hearing and reading news of him both from Eric and local news.

"Why God is being so cruel to him?"

That's the first question I managed to ask after receiving a sudden call at 1.55pm from Eric when he was driving to the scene. 4 hours before the grieving news, I was still hoping and praying that Gary who was lost for more than 24 hours after the Adidas King of the Road Marathon (2nd August 2009) will be found safe by any kind person. Hopes and prayers were the only thing I can do for him - but..... sigh....

I remembered the very first day I met him was in a Uniten Basketball Competition last year when I joined Eric to be the supporters of his team. He was a strong, active basket player who could ran the whole court without any hassle. Not to mention his good tricks in stealing ball from another team players and trying his very best to gain points for his team. Good teamwork was what I can remember till now as he showed cooperativeness and good relationship with other members - that's also why his team won that games.

By just a short games, I could feel that Gary is a nice guy with good social skill with everyone he met. This has been proven by the way he came and say hi to me and introduced himself before he left the court.

"Such a gentlemen", I whispered.

Besides, I do hear some stories about him on his friendliness and kindness from Eric who was his coursemate. This charming guy has a huge social contact and I believe it is because of his sincerity in making friends with anyone he met. Just imagine, a girl like me who met him not more than 2 hours could attracted to his friendliness by just a simple greeting and smile. How about those who have known him for years or a lifetime like his best friends and family?

The cuts on my heart deepen whenever I think of his family, his girlfriend and his friends. It is like I can feel their pains and loss though it is not as severe as theirs for sure. Really....

Some blog articles from Gary's close friends which I managed to visit before deciding to write this post.


A video clip from a Adidas King of the Road Marathon runner who happened to see Gary before he went missing. Should the organizer be responsible to this incident too? Sigh..... why...

No matter how, I know I shouldn't blame God nor anyone as I believe there are always reasons behind every incident. There must be some messages we should discover and learn. In fact, I am lucky for being able to know him in person and touched by his great values even though it was a short moment. That's enough for me.

What we can do now is to treasure every bit of memory we have with Gary and pray for him to have peacefulness in heaven. May he be with God.

Lastly, my condolence to his family. May you rest in peace, Gary.