10 August 2009

Flying Chilles With Friends

You know what, Flying Chillies sounded so much like an Indian Restaurant to me when I first reading the names. Only then I was convinced that it is a Thai Restaurant after browsing its menu when I was wandering around The Gardens with Eric. Yeah, a Thai Restaurant. A place where you can find chillies flying in the air like Nimbus 2000 or Fireboltz.

I am just joking.

Can you believe it? I draw chillies but ended up like eggplants.

It is a real nice place with good food and friendly service. Well, if you like spicy and sour dishes as much as myself, you will just simply fall in love with this cosy restaurant. That's also one of the reason why I persuaded William, May, Jane and Kevin to give Flying Chillies a try when they were deciding to throw dice, leaving our dinner to luck.

My artwork on plate! :D
This was done spontaneously.

Thanks God, they listened to me..

It was 2 weeks ago when the 5 of us decided to meet up. It had been a year when we, the Penangites planned to meet up somewhere in Kuala Lumpur. Nothing had been done till that 'ISA day' - the day when every road which connects to the heart of the city was terribly congested. Well, we didn't purposely plan to join the crowds. It was coincident. Somehow, I felt like we had picked the right time because all of us managed to turn up and have fun!

William said, "The waitress of the day!"

Sorry if I've missed this. Kevin who is May's boyfriend had joined our ex-secondary classmates gathering for the very first time. We have a new guess for the very first time. Welcome to the family.

William, Jane, Me and May (from the left)

Our dinner was filled with joy and laughter which I really enjoyed a lot. I have been waiting so long for this moment to arrive. Chit chatting and updating each other news in a comfortable environment. The friendship bonds among us which I care the most have been strengthen again. Before this, we were like strangers to each other which were a sad scenario.

Promise me my friends.
We will meet again in future with more old friends filling up the gathering list. Let's make another warm meet up in Nibong Tebal!

Miss you!

And you know what?
I love Flying Chillies because of its.......

Mango sticky rice!