15 August 2009

Meet My Twins

I know. I know.
I know I haven't been updating my blog like ages. It has been almost.. a week?

Yeah. A week.
Well, I have a very good reason behind this disappearance. Believe it or not, it was the distraction from my long lost twin sister.



You know what, mum and dad had never told me I have a twin sister till I discovered her myself. I was so mad at them. Real mad as they had been keeping this secret away from me for all this while. It was one fine afternoon, when Eric and I were wandering around the mall, looking for lunch.

I didn't know how and why my feet leaded us into this mini 1901 restaurant. The attraction was so strong and unconsciously we decided to have our lunch there.

Do you know what is the freakiest thing ever happen in my life? I met someone who look exactly like I am. Same hair, same smile, same entire, same bag and shoes!

Isn't it spooky?
I did ask her, "Are you.... my twins?"

She didn't reply but smiled.
And guess what. Eric met his twins too!

We dismissed after the short cam-whoring session since each of us were rushing to the movie. Anyway, I know I will met her again. Maybe when I am paying my another visit in the toilet.

Sister.. I miss you..