08 August 2009

Traffic Which I don't Expect

Frankly, I always have positive feeling over traffic which come to my blog - be it huge or tiny winy number of visitors. I don't mind. As long as there are visitors, I am happy. It makes me feel that whatever I have blogged here is being appreciated, just by a simple visit.

However, mixing feelings occurred in me when I checked on my blog traffic meter in Nuffnang awhile ago. In fact, I checked it almost daily. Deep in my heart, I could sense a slightly tense and sour feelings as what I have seen wasn't something I expected, nor something I like.

Not at all.

The keywords which typed by the Google users in these few days have directed unexpected traffic to my latest blog post, "Still unacceptable, Gary Leon Robert". Never had I thought of his death has drawn so much attention from the public till the search for his news is still going in the Internet. Or maybe I should say Gary, a nice, charismatic guy has such a huge social network in which people are still caring for his news although he is in somewhere better now.

After going through the emotional ride for almost a week, I noticed I have accepted his death. The hollow feeling has been filled up with new hopes and loves. I want to make my life more meaningful than ever by putting thoughts into action and showing loves and cares to people around me. I know, if I don't do things immediately, I might not have the chance once the call is being sent out - the call to heaven.

Like what I have written in my assignment, 'Why I Picked Existential Theory For My Counseling Session', I am aware that life is fragile and I should appreciate every moment I have on Earth. Though I might not know what will happen tomorrow, at least I know what I should do now. Day dreaming without action wouldn't add any meaning to my life and I know I should do something.

Thanks Gary for teaching me something important to both me and Eric. We are now appreciating each other more. Besides, I have this strong will to contribute something for my readers as well as the blogosphere by writing something useful and beneficial - be it informative, educational or hilarious post (like what I have been doing in these 2 years). Even if I am fated to die one day, I want to leave something useful for my fellow readers (my family, friends and you).

I guess I have been thinking too much lately but I know, this is something good. It has allowed me to grow and improve myself. Thanks Gary and my readers. I have learnt so much from you guys.

Have a good weekend people!