29 August 2009

The Addiction Of Facebook (Group)

A week ago, when I was staying at my cousin's house (Mac) attempting to finish up my assignment, unexpected guests came as well. They are my friends, Kenny and Choon Joo. Or I should say my junior back in high school.

I still remember how short they were back in my form 3 time. Cute, chubby and innocent. Well now? Not anymore. All of them have grown up and will soon becoming a man. Reflecting their faces in the past past has shown the message: Time flies. I wonder how much have I changed too?

Their intention to visit Mac were to surf the net while waiting for volleyball games. Same as mine. Ever since Mac's father has installed wireless, if I am in Penang I will bring all my work as well as my laptop, get a good spot and go online.

That Friday was an extra-ordinary day because the 4 of us ended up playing facebook games. It started from waka-waka, biotronic, typing maniac, word challenge and you name them. Seriously, I felt we were so crazy.

We competed, laughed and teased one another and that's why these photos are being taken - in order to remember the craziest memory when we were together with our own laptop.

The funniest expression I ever captured!

Wait! Not to forget other electronic devices - the mobile phone. They could play while talking on the phone. Wow! I am real impressed.. I called this, the 21st century youngsters.

Ok. Back to my part. I really have to stop myself from playing all those facebook games. Addiction is good but too much is bad. Aizkkss...

P/S: You don't see me in the pictures because I am the one who snapped them.

Have you face this problem too? Or maybe your friends, family members or even your parents?