07 April 2008

Evaluation Test In Local University

How will you blog in cyber cafe when you're under:
1) Stress
2) Distraction
3) No money
4) Warm (with no air-cond)
5) Limited resources (no photo, no music...)

The way I blog will definitely different and I'm sure you can feel it if you're Curryegg.Com regular visitors. I'm in my hostel Cyber Cafe right now, trying to complete A Course And Teaching Evaluation System for all my courses and lecturers in this semester. It's like rating our lecturer on how they teach and their behavior in these 4 months. The range will start from 0-6 (6 is the highest)... (here is the test)

Well well well, if you hate the lecturer you can put a Zero.. and if you love the lecturer.. of course they deserve for 6. But what if they find out? Is this test confidential enough? If not, what will happen to the student? Since every first year student have to do this evaluation test and if you fail to complete it within certain period, you are not negligible to sit for the final exam. That's mean, they have the record.

By the way, I'm not afraid of it since all my answer are honest from me. Those who work hard, deserve the honey. Kekezzz...

Oopss... Time up.
I've to pay at the counter right now. Or else, I'll broke... sob... ;(