03 April 2008

How To Waste Your Time In Internet And WWW?

I find it hard to manage my time recently.
I've wasted too much of time in surfing the net. What should I do? Exam is just a stone throw and I... still siting here goyang kaki (shaking legs) and blog? OMG! What happen to you Curryegg?

I believe I'm lacking of motivation and I need to stop myself from blogging!!! Emm.... just for a few weeks (and I know I can't.. lol...) Before planning any useful steps to help myself, I need to analysis myself on how I waste my time other than blogging in Curryegg.Com and here are the result.

1) Friendster
There's nothing with Friendster actually. No games, no chatting box, no interesting graphic and etc.. etc.. However, I'm still an active user for Friendster. Keep on signing in and out all the time.

2) Facebook.
Facebook has been emerging in todays world. It's ruling the world! Lol... and sigh... I'm being ruled... ;(
Since there are 459 invitation from my Facebook friends, I couldn't stop myself from keep on approving them.. and I'm addicted in sending Armani goods to my dear friend especially Cythia.

3) Youtube
Keep on watching My Happy Moment for the whole week. Lol... haha... Curryegg in video wor.. of course I'm extremely excited (especially with my funny moment.. lol...)

4) Twitter
Playing with twitter by updating my latest note in the widget. I couldn't stop myself from letting my readers know about my day.. ;)

5) Entrecard
Playing with Entrecard- dropping my card and advertise my blog in others blog. Besides, approving others request to advertise in my blog. It's like a bussiness (without using money) and it's really time consuming sometimes..

6) Visit others Blog
Visiting others blog do take time as well... waiting for the page to load, read their post and leave a comment. Honestly, I love spending my time reading others blog and as a result... I spend more than 3 hours, visiting others blog. OMG!!!

Example? Let's pick the lucky two blogs.. ;)

Her latest photo uploader... Cool! ;)

With her cute layout.. hehe..


7) MyBlogLog
Another place for 'loitering'.. haha....
This is another place I spend my time, looking for new friends..

8) Technorati
Human loves to make comparison and judgment on every single things. It happens even in blogging world. That's why most bloggers are chasing for good rank, starting from google page rank, Alexa, Technorati and other competition. Well, sorry to say that I'm one of the Technorati user and I can't stop myself from checking the list. I'm not into the ranking stop right now but I use Techno to track blogger who blog about me, or my blog. Haha... Oopss... You're being watched by me... muahaha... ;D

9) Nuffnang
One of the website which I spend most of my time, exploring the number of unique visitors and Nuffnangers who visit my blog. Don't worry. I'm not 100% 'spot checking' my visitors.. I'm just too concern and caring for you... hugs... love you guys much much much!! ;D


And hey! Innit in Nuffnang. This is also a place where I spend my time the most, searching for juicy-yummy-fresh post from other Nuffnangers.. ;)
It's just like digg... Malaysia Digg.. ^^

10) Sitemeter
Haha... another site for me to track the number of visitors. I just can't stop myself from detecting my visitors. Oh My God! I should change myself. I should too concern about who and where my reader is... Should I?

11) Chatroom- MSN
Well well well.... Girls love to chat and undeniably I'm one of them. Once I sign in into my MSN account, I just can't stop myself. Averagely, 2 hours are wasted. That's why I don't sign in into my MSN account lately. Trying to reduce my time from being wasted.

Do this happen on you?
If yes, how do you handle it? I think I should really use my time wisely. No one should rob away my time, not even me, myself..

Note: If you have any account on one of the social network service, do add me.. oopss... Did I just say I should control myself?