02 April 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Cheesie

Did I just mention Cheesie?
What am I doing? Saying happy birthday to a piece of cheese?

You're wrong. It's not the real-eatable-cheese that I mean. I mean this Cheesie:

Yes.. This is the gorgeous girl who I mean. If you've read her blog recently, I'm sure you'll realize that it's her birthday today- 2 April (If I mean not mistaken). Happy Birthday girl!

I found out a cool software that she used (or her chio-mother) in her birthday post for placing all the photos from her fans. Wow... interesting! I've never play with such tool and she has attracted me to play with it. Just simply zoom in and out in that graphic. Isn't that fun?

I'd taken a few photos for Ringo in my hostel room this evening. Simple yet meaningful photo from me..

Simple creation from me using paint... I'm not a hi-tech person who know who to use photoshop software. I'm learning... can someone please teach me? Lol...

P/s: I hope she will like it.. ;)


Well, talkingabout my hostel... it's not a high-class hostel which you've been thinking of. It's just the 40++ year old hostel with hundreds of monkey living around it. Lol... Yet, I still enjoy staying in the hostel where you all my friends are staying there. Hugs... Love you guys.. ;)

Look like I've to stop here as my eyes are too tired to open and my mind is too heavy to think. I'm lacking time for my sleep as I've been rushing for my assignments in these 2 weeks. I promise, I will be back again tomorrow once my mind is fresh.

Good night everyone and have a nice day.. :D