29 April 2008

Are Guys 'Ham Sap'?

First of all, you might ask what's 'Ham Sap' means? If you're a Chinese who speaks Cantonese, I believe you know the words. It's similar with.. sex maniac? Lol..

I saw an interesting post from wolf on his "Watch Their Expression" post. It really catches my eyes and I feel like blogging about it. Watch this!

Well, you get the message?
Should I label the males as the big-boobs-lover? No matter how fake it's, they still love them as long as her boobs are super duper huge! No wonder some males prefer 'ah gua' (transsexual) then the real, original woman. Why? Because they've big boobs??!

'Ah gua' show from Thailand

Do you agree with me?
I know I might sound a bit bias here, but who cares if my statement is right? lol...