18 April 2008

I Don't Wanna Study Anymore!

Final is just a stone throw- 2 days ahead. Of course, I'm trying very hard to do my revision. I need to try very hard to cover all those subjects especially TITAS: Tamadun Islam Dan Tamadun Melayu (a compulsory subject for all the students in local university in Malaysia)

It's 371 pages and I just manage to read not even half of it. Sigh...
I should blame myself for not reading the book earlier. Since I'm a Chinese and a Buddhist, it's hard for me to understand the course completely (in a week? whoa...)


Anyway, I will not give up because I know I can do it! (yeah, forcing myself to typed such words). However, no matter how strong my motivation is, there is something pulling me away from achieving my goal. Crap!

What's my biggest distraction?
Watch this!

Who's the guy singing so... 'sweetly'?
Will tell you guys in my comment box.. muahaha...

The world seems like stopping me from achieving my goal. I've tried so hard to concentrate but.. sigh.. Since studying in the room with such a noise will definitely distract my concentration. So, the only thing which I can do is to...

....ask my lovely Huggie Pup do the study for me. Brilliant!

Thank you Huggie.
You do the reading and I do the sleeping.