25 April 2008

How To Combine Beauty And Self-Confidence?

Nowadays, more and more people are lacking of self confidence to their own physical appearance. This is how eating disorders like Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa happen mostly among teenagers.

Besides, beauty and plastic surgery center are mushrooming in any corner of the world. You can get any beauty service starting from head to toe as long as you've sufficient cash!

Honestly, these services are good in order to help their clients to be more confidence and love themselves more. I believe you've experienced on how you love your new colourful shinning nails, or your new hair styles or your new nose. But believe me, you will never satisfy.

I have always wanted to know the secret of combining beauty and self-confidence. If you know me personally, you'll find out that I'm not a kind of girl with much confidence when it comes to beauty. Maybe it's because I'm not being categorized in the A crowd- where you will get popular people with beautiful features, fashionable wearing, great personality, excellent achievement, and etc.

Besides, people around me do effect the way I behave. Who are they? Parents, relatives and friends (This's what we call Social Psychology). As I've mentioned in my previous post, I indicate that it's human nature who love to compare among each other.

My mum used to say, " Why are your eyes are so small unlike your mum. I must have picked you somewhere in the garbage". For some of you who had heard my rants about how small my eyes are in my previous post, this is the reason I guess. Haha.. blaming my parents. But no worries, I love my single eye lit right now. To make my eyes larger, I can always use mascara or eye shadow.. Right?

According to Psychology, the influence of parents are great and it will influence the child behave along the growing process. I still remember I watched a show about Michael Jackson before, about 4 years ago. The host of the show asked him on what had made his mind to do plastic surgery?

And his answer is, "My dad is my biggest influence. He hates his children for being black. This has made me wanted to be White with higher social level". Note: This is not the exact dialog he had made but the idea is there.

If his dad heard that, he must be very sorry. Look, how parents effect their child greatly? I prefer parents to love and support their child by showing unconditional cares. Because, if they don't the child will suffer. There will be bigger challenges out there- the media and society.

I'd a long conversation with my long-lost-friend in MSN yesterday and she told me that she doesn't have the confidence to her appearance ever since she was small. Of course, my reaction was like.. "Uhh?". For sure, she's a beautiful girl with a lot of admires. I just couldn't believe that a beautiful girl like her will lack of confidence too. She can be a cover girl if a magazine company approach her. Serious!

The question is, why does she feel so bad with her appearance? Of course, the first reason will be family, next friends and society. I guess she did too much of comparison with her siblings, friends and models. I know how she feels. However, I feel there's no point comparing physical appearance as we're all gifted by God. We should be grateful with what we have.

I always believe that every human has his/her own beauty and unique. Take for an example, to select a professional model like in The American Next Top Model, she must have her own unique look and most importantly the skills of being in front of the camera and audience. That's mean, brain and beauty!!! Yup. Other than beauty, she/he must have brain too! I prefer a person to have brain, rather than beauty itself because beauty will fade with time whereas brain will go with time. Agree?

So, stop worrying about your appearance. We're beautiful remember? Well, how should we combine beauty and self-confidence? I would like to conclude: When one has high self confidence to himself/herself, beauty will come eventually.

High Self-Confidence = Beautiful

Let's read this aloud.....

Yes! I'm beautiful!!!

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