09 April 2008

A Gigantic Cigarette Fell From The Space?

The world is going to rule by Aliens? Or other funny or ugly creatures? Are you serious? There is a giant butt found in Trafalgar Square, Central London and it has really been an issue to all of us here.

(Michael Crabtree/The Times)

As I was sitting in front of my computer and at the same time listening to night new, I heard a review on this big cigarette in London. And Oh my.. I was so curious and worry. The very first image that came into my mind was....

No no.. I prefer something cute for my example..

I couldn't even blink my eyes while watching the news. I was too nervous to sit quietly. Lucky for me that I did wait for the full report before screaming for help around my house area (lol....just joking) To my relief, it's just a campaign by Keep Britain Tidy to highlight the high volume of cigarette-related litter on the streets.

What a 'creative' idea. Haha...
Hope that the campaign will work.

To strong smoker:
Try to take care of yourself by reducing the amount of cigarettes being taken each day. I know you can do it.. ;)