11 April 2008

Positive Childhood Make A Positive Adult

Sometimes, I just wish to be a child again..
No worries...
No problems...
No pressure....

Life will be happier when the mind is not 'polluted' by other people: family, friends and society. How I wish to have an innocent mind with simple and easy going personality.

At the same time, I wish people around me are like children's mind- innocent, simple, trustworthy and happy-going-lucky. Then, our world will be as peaceful as in heaven..

And there will be no stories of Sufiah Yusof, the math genius who turns into a £130-an-hour prostitute in Manchester anymore. There will be no news of his dad, Farooq Yusof anymore in the media (one of the case: Molested 2 girls while giving home tutor). And her mother will not start a depress blog on 2nd April 2008, convincing the society not to follow or follow her daughter foot steps.

Well, if everyone can be like a children with innocent mind, I will not be here for hours, looking for her news in the internet and use her as my case study for my assignment. My group members and I are trying to figure out her problems and her motive. We're trying to imply the knowledge of psychology and counseling on her problem.

I believe most of us here are blaming her for her so-call wrong decision making for stepping into the prostitute career. However, we should think why does she make such a choice. Besides, we should look into her family background and the way she was being brought up. Was her dad too strict on her? Did she has a good childhood? Everything start from the root. Without root, there will be no steam. Without root, there will be no leaves, flowers and fruits. This apply to her life as well.

Sometimes, it's hard for me to believe it whenever I look into this photo.
Will you feel the same?

So, this has showed that the way a child is being brought up is crucial in shaping an individual personality, behavior and cognitive thinking. That's mean, parents do play an important rule on shaping a child when there are still small....
Wrong teaching at home will bring a big effect on a child when they are growing up.

After reading her stories....
I feel grateful for having a good childhood. A good childhood will build a positive individual and I know I'm one of them.

P/s: Sufiah, hope that you're strong with yourself and give the best thing you've for your life.