10 April 2010

End Of Semester. Aiyo.

I can’t believe it. I seriously can’t accept the fact that my 3rd year in the Degree of Counseling has ended. Am I dreaming or what?


First day of class was just like yesterday. Time flies, don’t you agree?


I still remembered how excited I am to be back to campus with new mission, new hopes and new spirit for a brand new year. Well, many tend to love new thing (starting from resolution, shoes, bag, hairstyle, pencil case and even brain!) on the new day, don’t you think so?


I attended my first day of class with a complete tanned skin and new hair cut, short. My coursemates were like, “Whoaa… Nice lar your short hair. Suit you”. And now, I am still keeping my short hair. Lol..


Then, I started worried about assignments in which we were given with few hard ones. We have to find clients to conduct a minimum of 7 sessions; interview counselors; loads of reflective papers and researches. No one can imagine those hard times which I as well as my coursemates have faced throughout these few months before I am here, blogging about those PAST experiences.



I have 1 more scrap book, 1 live performance and 3 final papers before declaring myself as a MERDEKA Girl! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!



Anyway, I can feel the ‘freedom’ already ever since yesterday, during in my last classes. I will miss my lecturers, miss those classes which I used to attend, kakak at cafe, technician who never failed to help us and photostate abang who are always there. Well, we still have 1 more semester to go. We shall meet you guys next semester =D



A note for the coursemates:



My dear coursemates,


congratulation to all of you and well done for all the efforts and hardwork you have thrown into the works. We are another step closer to our dreams. As for me, the dream of becoming a counselor.



What should I do now?

Head over to the study table and start doing revision! All the best in your final paper, my dear sporty mates =D