22 April 2010

This Is What I Call ‘Happiness’

I thought that I will off to bed as soon as I signed off from MSN. However, my heart revenged the idea abruptly. I’m pretty sure that I will not be able to sleep without posting a post here with a recently photo of mine. Well, curryegg ma. What to do?


So, what will that be about? It sounds serious huh?


Make no guess anymore. I know how suffering it is for you to wait my blog update and now, my unpredictable surprises. Lol..


Here is a photo which I call- Happiness. Simple happiness to be exact.




Me and a plate of Sashimi at a brand new Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine outlet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Yes. A plate of Sashimi which I is per person, individual, alone, satu, 一个,une plague. What else?


Although my stomach is still suffering from the ‘overloaded dinner’, unfortunately I’m still missing my fresh sashimi.


No wonder I am so hype up even though it is already 2am. Thanks to the hot tea (ocha) and cappuccino as well.


Basically, it shows that I am a sashimi-die-hard-lover. So, a plate of full weight sashimi can make this little curryegg happy. Happiness is so easy to be found, isn’t it?


Anyway, it is good to be bed now or I will be late to meet the girls…. Another busy day tomorrow (in fact, it is already today) and I am looking forward for it =D


P/s: If you want more blog updates from me, pray hard that I will perform well in my Acting class final exam this Friday.  Make sure you do… *very deep tone*