30 April 2010

I Want To Be The Rookie

If you are still waiting for my answer regarding to the ‘project’ which I mentioned yesterday night, you are lucky because I am going to show it to you here.


I have finally decided to sign up for The Rookie, contest organized by Nokia and took several days to prepare for the curriculum vitae (CV), a creative work and a video clip. Seriously, preparing a CV isn’t easy as I have not been exposed with it yet (I wonder why I have yet to learn this? It is so important and every undergraduate should learn this during in first year in order to inspire them to create a better CV by joining more activities, seminar and extra classes). Luckily, I am an active student who joined outdoor activities. So, my CV is pretty ok in that case.




The completion of this CV wouldn’t be an easy job if there is no help from my buddy May, my boyfriend and Uncle Google. I feel like I am the most luckiest person in the world because no matter how busy my buddy May is, she is still willing to couch me. Same thing goes to Eric. I have been bugging them in these few nights just to check my CV. Sorry dears.. and love you so much! =D


Besides CV, there are other 2 optional choices in which you can submit a creative document and video clip. I have successfully submited the creative document but not the video clip because… I failed to change the file format according to the requirement. Siigggh… I had spent nearly the whole day preparing for this video clip (including time for dress up, practicing speech and video editing).



A dusty mirror I can see?


Well, there is always unfortunate thing happen once in a while in our life. That’s why, life is not perfect, human is not perfect and same goes to the imperfect submission.  lol.. wte.


Since I have created this video clip, I don’t wanna waste my effort. So, I think it is good that I share part of my life here. This is the moment where you can see the serious side of me.



Anyway, I have given my best for this competition. Whatever the result is, I am happy. I have learned throughout this short journey and grateful with the support I have received. It will be a privileged  for me if this journey can be continued.


So, what I can do now is to wait for an interview. Hope that the lady luck is here again. Nokia, I love you.