02 April 2010

Sri Mersing At Istana Budaya

Did I tell you that I’ve enrolled myself in a class called Acting in the beginning of the year (January)? I think I did.. wait, let me check on my blog post achieve.. Emm….. Yes! Here you are: Performing Art Is The New Thing. Read it if you don’t wanna miss anything about art and obviously ME



For your information, I am still taking this class and it will end by next week. Last class in on next week! See! Time flies. While you are enjoying so much in certain thing, time tends to fly off so soon. Why ar? =((


Anyway, I know I shouldn’t complain because in these few months, I have learned a lot and gained valuable lesson especially for my self-exploration. I have been exposed with ways to stretch your body, how to maximize my flexibility, improving my vocal, learn ways to focus and concentrate on certain thing, be sensitive with surrounding, increase my confident and……. thicken my epidermis layer (kulit tebal!). I have been taught ways to be more daring and expressive which others might call it as muka tebal, thick face or whatsoever.


But I like it =D


Wait.. What topic am I suppose to write here? You see. Again, I am dragging myself so far away from the real topic. Yes. Sri Mersing. Now I remember.



Sri Mersing is actually the title of a theater which was shown in last 12-21 March 2010 at Istana Budaya. It is directed by my lecturer. YES! MY LECTURER! It is so cool man because it is from my lecturer.


His name is Rosdeen Suboh.




Well, even if he is not my lecturer, it is still an astounding performance *trying not to be bias*


Majority of my classmates and I attended the theater on the same day because it was a must-attend-class. Attending this theater is actually an outdoor class for everyone of us because Encik Rosdeen believes that this is a good exposure for the students (us) to learn something real. On the other hand, we can support his ‘hardwork’ too – this is what I think.



Can you believe it? Attendence was taken on the spot… Spoil mood lah.. Like we are small kids.. =_=


Force or no force, it is still a great performance and I have learned a lot especially on how to bring out the character(s) in a person. Although I am not good in acting for now, I know I can improve. Yes? =)



If you have started questioning about ‘Who is this Rosdeen that CurryEgg has been writing about?”. Well, you can spot him in these group photos.

Clue 1: He is the most outstanding male in the group of people, the most handsome one.


Clue 2:  Shinning.


Answer: Bald

(my coursemates and I fall for his head. Well, I am serious. lol)




This theater is about a Classic Malay story which is played in two versions: 20 years before and 20 years after. I didn’t manage to understand the play in the first half session because I was confused by the characters. After an hour, only I realized that there are characters from both the past and future which I think it’s CREATIVE! AMAZING!


Example: The sampan can sail like it is on real river!


I thought this can only be done in the recorded movie/drama. I was wrong.




This play took about 2 hours and a half. I didn’t expect it to be that long. Anyway, I love my first experience watching a real international theater in Istana Budaya for the very first time. I would never forget this experience as I am really impressed with the work including the story, the acting skill and effects.


Some of the cam-whoring moments with some of my Counseling coursemates who take Acting class too.





Obviously, I took most of my photos because I simply feel fabulous at that moment. Sorry, I can’t help. Lol… <3


Istana Budaya. I believe I will be back for more.. =))


P/s: I should start practicing myself on how to be a bitchy bitch for my Acting final exam. I know it is scarily hard because it reflect the opposite me. Anyhow, I purposely choose this character as I want to challenge myself to try something different. After all, we only have one life. So, why don’t we just mess up a little with our daily routine?


P/p/s: This time, let me be a real gossip bitch.