20 April 2010

I’m Finished.

Gosh. I feel bad. I feel like I have lost my ability in blogging. I seriously don’t know how to blog, anymore? My mind is blank and my heart is empty. Wait.. heart empty?


I had been sitting on this same spot since yesterday evening and have been waiting inspiration to come, so that I can update my news in this private space. Somehow or rather, I ended up wandering around the internet, facebooking, twittering, chit chatting, youtubing, playing games and reading others blogs till my mum yelled at me, “Go to sleep or I shut down the computer”.


I guess, I am most probably facing post-traumatic disorder. I know it because those symptoms has arose. I can see my body is circulating with this hormone called endorphin. Mr Happiness and Mrs Freedom visit me again and thus, increase the level of my endorphin. Well, why am I calling this ‘Post-traumatic disorder’? Because I am having an advance happiness and freedom (which should be that soon)!


My final papers, Counseling in Organization and Family Therapy were over. As soon as the completion of the Family Therapy paper and the marking work (we marked on the spot for the very first time for final paper, isn’t that cool? Thanks you very much), I was triumphed. Well, it is not because of my ‘outstanding result’, it is because I feel a total freedom! I threw everything including my bag, notes, books and pencil case as soon as I reached my room.


Next, I am here, facing the computer 24/7.


Frankly, my exam hasn’t over yet. There are still 3 exams to go. In fact, this Friday I have a practical exam, which is called the Acting test! Gosh! I can feel the stress now. All students are asked to perform in the public for at least 15 minutes with any character that we want. I have picked the bus stop in my university and with a group of 3 people. What will I act?


Will let you know in next post, or maybe after the test. Lol… XD


A picture taken during in a study group. Rajin right? =P


Ok. Now, I am finished. Because, I am so lay zeee now. Help!