02 April 2010

Zombie in The Class? No Way!

I have been obsessing Plants Vs Zombies games since last year when Eric introduced the games to me. This games is simple but requires a highly strategic mind in order to save your brain from being eaten by the scary zombies.




Wait. Did I just say scary? Pardon me. I am actually wanting to say THEY ARE CUTE! Even the plants as well! Guess what? Each character has its own history and personality. You can read it from the description.





I have continuous playing the Adventure part for more than 3 rounds. Now, I only left the last stage survival part. Awesome! It doesn’t bore me although I have been playing like 5 months? Emm.. forgotten..


Although I am a big fans of Plants Vs Zombies (even till now. well, who care if it is an out-dated games for you. as long as I like it, why bother? right?), I wouldn’t play it in class. Come on.


Playing in the class? No way! I am a good student.



No no. I am not playing this games in the class. That is not me. No, i mean, that is not the background! I mean… errugg… whatever…


P/s: Have you come across with this games? I heard, it is a hot games for iphone user.


P/p/s: Among all the zombies, I like ‘Michael-Jackson-look-alike’ zombie the most. So cool!