30 April 2010

Love. Work. Blog.

Follow me and read these aloud:


Love. Work. Blog.

Love. Work. Blog.

Love. Work. Blog


How do they sound like?





Seriously, like very seriously. I miss my blog so much and aware that she is all alone in the blogville all these while. I have again neglected her. But I have good reasons!

*smack my fingers*




Exam, assignment and outing.

It is my end of semester. So, it will be a busy one before the fun moments fill into my 2 months holiday. I just can’t wait!


Besides the routine, I am  currently running a personal ‘project’ which I may not reveal yet because I don’t want to create any false happiness or misleading information before I successfully finish it. I am still working on it. That is also the reason why I am staying at this wee hour.


If you can see me through this computer screen (better no invention for this), I believe that you will be frightened by my face, especially the eyes ------------> @_@


I can just lie on the floor any second and fall asleep. I am so tired. Somehow, there is this word, named ‘dreams’ which keeps me working. It is the reason why I am struggling but feeling fulfilled all along the journey because, deep in my heart, I know that I am another step closer to my dream. I am following the ‘green light’ which is shown by the brain as this is something right to do. I know it is. Yes. It must be.


While I am working on my ‘project’, anyone who is still awake at this hour and so happen to read this post, give me some encouragement and support please. I need them to be my caffeine. lol..


By the way, 2 random photos which I found in my album. Here are the 2 souvenirs I received from Eric when he came back from Taiwan trip. It is already months ago.



Note pad




Alright, I should get moving or I will end up sleeping on the keyboard. Love you people! Have a great day.. =)