06 April 2010

Hello Or Bye To Canon Ixus baby?

I am currently facing a huge dilemma in my life. Yes. It is huge.


I am still thinking of whether to sell this baby to those who are interested or keep it with me (or dad). It is a brand new digital camera, Canon Ixus 120 IS given by my parents. Well, they actually got this cam from a lucky draw for the 3rd time!



Yes. 3rd time.


The very first time, they got a Canon (and now is with my kai sai lou). Then Sony (my white baby and now with Eric. It was broken and I thought it wouldn’t function anymore. So my mum bought me my current pink eggie. After a year, it is back to function again! Weird right?). And now new Canon, again! They are super duper lucky couples right? But the real darn lucky fella is me! Why? Because in the end of the day, I get the pressie and own them all!




Oopss.. laughing too much here. Back to the topic.



A part of me, I wish to sell it off and get some money and buy things which I really new. Since my pinkeggie (sony camera) is still working very well (all photos taken in these blog starting from 2009 are the production of my pinkeggie). However, another part of me love the new function so much!


Guess what?

They have new function like panorama (wide angle view), improvise portrait function (which I believe will look better with soft mode), underwater mode, kids & pet mode, better macro,  colour accent and colour swap function!


Still, most importantly I love the panorama function!




Oh dear oh dear!



Not to forget the 12.1 megapixel which is slightly higher than my current cam.



Plus, it is lighter. See, how slim it is? Almost like my N96 mobile phone.




Last but not least, it comes with a stylist leather camera case. Ahhhwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……






You see, based on the above reasons, am I not wrong to be in such a dilemma stage? Am I not wrong? Am I? Am I?




I haven’t really use the camera because I don’t have the SD memory card. Since Sony has its own memory stick which is totally different from others. Well, I do have the memory stick before this when I was using the old, gold in colour Canon cam. However,  I’ve already given my old ones to my little brother who is now in HongKong, Thus, I can’t try. Plus, the idea of selling it off is still playing in my mind. That’s also the reason why I dare not touch it that much.






To sell or not to sell.

Say hello or goodbye?