06 December 2007

Big Party In Fashion Avenue 2201

As I've promised, this is the post that you are waiting for. The biggest party in Fashion Avenue 2201 in 2007. *Applause*

I will never forget those moment. It's the day which I got my highest sales, meeting celebrities (but don't know their name.. oopss..), meeting designers (accept my boss, Khoon Hooi), snapping photos, being busy body around and I got Insomnia at that night. Did you believe that? I probably couldn't sleep and my mind was still in that party. Ridiculous! But true... ;(

Here are some photos and video clips. My advice: Don't blink you're eyes!

Guests and reporters had crowed the entrance since 7.30pm. They have to show their VIP invitation card before enter. To be honest, I didn't know about this since we're not informed. So, it was a bit shocking for us when we saw all those beautiful, sexy ladies and smart guys walking aroud. HAha....

The begining of the show. They put Red Carpet for me..
Oohh.. hoho.. Thanks.. *shy*

At around 8.30pm, the fashion show finally began and you can see all those beautiful, tall model. Hot!!!
I love this dress.

While everyone was busy OUT there, Mira and I was busy IN there. Haha... Guess that were we doing?
You're right! camwhore! haha.... We just love snapping photos.

You're right. This is our uniforms and you'll keep seeing me wearing this all the time (as long as I am working there). As what I'd heard, this uniform was designed by Khoon Hooi, my boss and he loves red. So, this is why he uses the red ribbon as an icon for him. Haha... Of course, I love this uniform. Can I have it when I quit this job... soon?

I confess that, I did keep on promoting my boss but shh... nobody in the boutique knows this. So, please keep this as secret. I don't know why it should be a secret, but just don't tell it.

Wanna know how is my working place look like? This is the Khoon Hooi session in the Fashion Avenue 2201 boutique.
His collection: Spring and summer, Winter and Fall (Latest).
This is the environment. Khoon Hooi is a kind of person who love to be friendly. This is why he chooses home-like-furniture for example sofas, tables, carpet and drawer. And did you know that? He even chooses real plants to be placed in the vase. Did you see it? We're the only one who put real plant there. Isn't that cool?

Of course, my job is to take care of the customers, the garments and hey! The plants as well! Haha... I really feel like home whenever I work there. Thanks boss and Caesar (our great Interior designer!).

This is a book of his collection. You can have a look when you're there. I love those designs!

So, Mira and I were once again, acting like a model while guests were busy out there, watching fashion show. Haha... Don't blink you're eyes.

The hottest dress we've here!
I love this dress. It's from the latest season dress.
This is my supervisor and she is such a nice, pretty person.

This is my friends/neighbours. They work for other designers- Donna C and Lester Wong.

Ok. Let us go back to the scene which was almost ended.

Here are the models.
The designers.
Let me highlight him. Do you know who's that tall, handsome guy? He is Jonathan Cheng and I like his design. You will know why when you scroll your mouse down and look at those pictures.

This is his design. Isn't that gorgeous and hot!
Can you see it? You don't need a bra to wear this. What a seductive dress from him which has caught thousand of attention in his previous fashion show. Cool uh?

Here are 2 edited video clips which I've taken during this event. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Video 1

Video 2