30 December 2007

Feng Shui, Should We Believe It?

2008 is just a stone throw. How is everybody preparation? Ready for this brand new year?

Talking about 2008, my mind is thinking about Chinese New Year. It will be another a month plus. For the Chinese, we're at the end of the Fire Boar year right now, and are leading to the year of mouse. So usually, the Chinese will clean the house, change the position of the furniture, buy new decoration and etc.. Why we did this? One of the reason will be: Feng Shui.

There are even Feng Shui tips for the handphone subsriber in everyday. This has showed us, how influential Feng Shui is in our society especial for the Chinese.

One question from me. Do you believe in Feng Shui? As for me... I believe 60%.

I always believe that, having the right position for the bed will help in avoiding nightmares and even insomnia. I don't know why but it's true. I couldn't have a restless sleep whenever my body is facing the door, I mean when the bed is parallel to the door.

However, I sleep like a pig when my bed is away from the door. This can be explained by this website.

Besides, there is a belief that the kitchen(fire) and the toilet(water) should never been located against each other or your family will keep on quarreling or fighting through out the year. It did happen on my neighbour before. Pots, plats, cups and anything that can be reached in the kitchen were always flying on the air... (That's mean fighting). Realizing the problem which occur in the family, the husband's mother asked one of the 'sifu' to go to the house and check the 'feng shui'. One of the biggest mistake was the wrong location between the kitchen and the toilet. He explained it and finally, they renovated the kitchen and the bathroom and things are getting much better. There are less quarrels and fightings.

Don't that sound miracle? Or just a coincident?

However, not all feng shui can be trusted. Some are influenced by the business strategies that will only convince you to buy their products with high price. So be wise.

You might have heard Joey Yap and Lilian Too before if you're a Malaysian, don't ya?

Talking about Lilian Too, she shows us on how to gain good energy with the right arrangement in a house and even in rooms which is a great idea. She will give you the idea on where should be the door, the bed, the table, the windows and etc. However, the location will change each 3 months.

This is the suggested location from 7th December 2007 to 5th January 2008 by Lilian Too ( a famous feng shui practitioner from Malaysia)

Well, I can't follow every advices that she has suggested because, all the location will change every 3 months, and of course, every year. Besides, she will recommand you with new item each time, for example 5 element pagoda, crystal,camel, turtle dragon and etc. Of course, they are expensive if you wanna get them in her shop.


Lotus Crystal

If you ask me, should I believe in Feng Shui... I prefer to believe in myself first! Because I believe, every luck that we gain depend on how hardworking we're and how we catch every opportunity that comes.

Conclusion, hardwork is always the key to success.