11 December 2007

Everyone Is Celebrating Christmas

Christmas is just a stone throw. So, how are your preparation? I believe, Christmas is not only celebrated by the Christian but by the non-Christian too. It's like a universal celebration to me.

Let see, some houses are decorated with Christmas stuff for example Christmas tree, angel, Santa's red stocking and snowman although they are not Christian. My aunt did that since she loves Christmas a lot.

Next, you will definitely see some Christmas trees (and other decoration) being placed in every corner of the shopping malls during Christmas month. Isn't that great? I love Christmas trees.. and snowman!
Haha.. Oopss.. Not to forget the Santa Clause who give free candies. HAha..

Other than that, couples will eventually celebrate this romantic moment with one another by having a great, wonderful dinner in San Fransisco; exchange presents (Present!!!) ; going for a movie; and etc... Besides couple, there will be friends or family gatherings during Christmas as a way to hang out and relax themselves. Oohh... Isn't that sound great? It's a way in strengthen the bond between couples, friends and family.

At the same time, businessman will grab this golden opportunities to rise the cost as in double or triple on their products and services. You will notice the price of the food in any restaurant (accept fast food like KFC and Mc Donald), flowers and gifts are doubled or far more higher than before. This is the time where they can make money fast. What a smart businessman they are.

So, don't you think everyone of us are actually involving in the celebration? Agree?