07 December 2007

Digg, dugg, dugg.

Recently, I came across with Digg.com and guess what? It is amazing! You can increase your blog traffic just in a second (once you summit your selected post into their website).

I've just signed up and have started using it since yesterday. It is amazing to see a sudden boost of readers who bumped into my blog. (Ok.. Ok.. I mean just a small amount of readers.. sigh..)

For my opinion, it is much efficiency then Blogrush and Stumble since the result is slower compare to Digg.com. Well, why do I care about how many readers do I have? Just blog whatever I want and why care for so much? Sigh... I don't know why but the intention come naturally and I believe I am not alone right? You have this kind of intention, don't ya?

Talking about Digg.com, it's easy to be used. Just sign up and make and account for yourself. Then, you will see a 'summit new' link on top of the page. Click it and you will see the page like this:

So, just put the selected URL and follow the instruction. You have to add some description about the post and put a photo to make it attractive. That's all.

Oh ya. If you've a Dig account or about to sign up, please add me in your friend list. I don't have any friend right now and I am alone.. sob... (Lonely... I am so lonely... I've no buddy.....)


I am glad that most of you enjoy my previous post: Big Party In Fashion Avenue 2201. Honestly, I love the uniform especially the red ribbon. It looks so attractive to me. However, I've to return it once I quit the job. Sigh...

I have to sleep now.. it's 12.25am. I will blog again for tomorrow morning. Good night pals... ;D