26 December 2007

Xmas In KL

Continue from the previous post.

After the Japanese buffet (which has added my weight up to 4 kg!!!), we was wandering around 1 Utama. As what I'd seen in other Malaysian bloggers's blog, 1 Utama Christmas decoration is really creative and beautiful. I like it so much!

What's this? Scroll down and you will know.. ;)
Just like in the palace.. haha
Big 4-sided-tv-screen in 1U

Can you see the piano which is a stage? How creative the designer for this! Bravo!
the red carpet stairs
Most of the decorations are made by straw.
I like the light..

Xmas tree!
What a big drummer behind me.. and I am tiny?

There was even performance before I left the place. The reptile session! Eerrr.... snakes! And a blue tongue lizard.. scary...

Can you see them?

We didn't spend much time in 1 Utama. Instead, we went to Midvalley for movie. Talking about Midvalley, I don't really like the yellowish, brown Christmas decoration there because it was too complicated. However, there was another corner of Christmas decoration in Midvalley which I think is much better.

Xmas trees with mushrooms!

I was lucky to be there at that moment because, there was snow in North court. You might see it clearer if you click on the picture for larger view.

Children were so happy playing under the 'snow!')

Ohh... Candy stall! I love cutton candy.

At around 8pm, there was a performance in centre court of Midvalley which I think is interesting- Dancing performance from the fairies! As you know, the theme for this shopping mall is called 'The Whisper Of Fairy' (I hope I am not wrong. Do correct me if you know).

The crowd..
The fairies

You should watch this video clip. I love the music and the performance.

Anyhow, Xmas is over and I've to prepared myself for my new semester. Sigh.. I don't wish to go back.. I am starting to be lazy.. haha...