30 December 2007

Challenges For Curryegg

It's time for me to leave right now... I mean my home.. sweet home.
I will be back to my hostel in another few hours.

The good thing is, I'll meet my friends, have more fun activities and freedom!
And the bad thing is.... I've to deal with the busy schedule for classes and outdoor activities.. and not to forget... THE MONKEYSS!!!!

I will never forget these smart but mischievous monkeys! I complaint about this to Elephant (lol..my friend's nickname) in MSN and he replied,

"They are cute what" (They're cute don't they?).

Before I entering UM and stay there, I will agree with him that monkey is cute. But sorry... not now anymore. I've changed my mind after staying in my hostel for 3 months. They're horrible! They broke into our room via the windows, robbed our food, chased us until we lost our breath and played with our bras! Yes. You heard me? BRA!!! You might wanna now from my previous link.

Sigh... Maybe I am having my trauma on monkeys right now. That's why I don't feel like going back. But hey! Curryegg shouldn't lose to monkeys! Although human and the monkeys DNA are almost similar, the human brain is much larger.. that's mean S-M-A-R-T-E-R. I should find ways to deal with this problem instead of running away. Am I right?

Well, I don't blame the monkey. Instead, I blame the irresponsible human for destroying their home, their habitats. We've indirectly destroyed the ecosystem and we should face the consequences.. (But still.... Why UM? Why me? *sob*)

Nevermind. I know why I should do. Hehehe... Suddenly, my mind was thinking about this advertisement.. I still remember it...

So.. what should I bring to my hostel?
  1. Clothes (of course)
  2. Toothbrush, toothpaste.. etc...
  3. Mattress, pillows...... and my doggy!
  4. Books and stationary
  5. Laptop! (It's a must!)
  6. Comic.. hehe... Canon... my lover
  7. Handphone charger (OMG. take note)
  8. Maggie Cup (instant noodle)
  9. My God! What else? I'm lost

My wishes for this semester... SECRET!