01 January 2008

Miss MIss MISS!!!

Finally I can online right now, at my friend's room: Jane.
It is so hard to online in UM area... the wireless line is so bad. However, my friend who stays in another area has a better connection. So, I am here to blog.. Yahoo!

I will be quite busy starting by today. I've entered the Chinese 24 drum for the college and will start my first practice at 2pm. Yes. 2pm. I don't know what will happen on me... my skin, my hair, my muscles.. They will be torched by the bright sun, the heavy practice for months... and... I am sure I will be lack of sleep.. sob..

Anyway, I am willing to accept this challenge, right at this moment. Who's curryegg? I'd entered the National Service few years ago and it was even tougher than this. So, stop that negative feeling and start a new bright day!

Hey! Today is 1 January 2008 and Happy New Year to all of you! What are your wishes for this, lucky year? Mind to tell me? I wanna make more nice friends in blogosphere...

Please grant my wish! ;)