05 January 2008

Curryegg.com Is Back Again!

I've found out what's the problem!
3 hours ago, my blog was being blocked by Adverlet.com. It means that whenever you click on my url: http://curryegg.blogspot.com, adverlets.com website will appear.

I was so scared before. I was worried that my blog will disappear from this blogosphere. *relieve*
I realised that, besides my blog, there are blogger who are facing the same problem. If the adverlets.com website is still appearing while you're clicking on your blog, don't worry. Go to dashboard (blogger) and delete adverlets ads. Then, save it. Soon, click on view your blog and ta-da! You're blog is safe again!

Sorry for causing posting my shout-out in friendster, facebook and other blogger's email. I feel embarrassed right now.. Lol.... Sorry for troubling you guys...

Oopsss... I am late for drum practise right now.. Gotta go..