28 January 2008

What Should I Say To These Civilized Monkeys?

What a beautiful scenery....
However... (-_-!!!)

As you've read my above post title, yes. It's the real monkeys that I mean.
If you've been reading my blog since half a year ago, you will know the educated monkeys that I mean. (click: here and here)

I am a UM (University Malaya) students and life has never been so hard until these monkeys appear in my life. Worst, they keep on threatening me (even us) all the time especially to those who stay in the hostel.

They are as skillful as:

1) James Bond!

2) No no.. Should be Batman!

3) No. I think is Spiderman.

4)No.. Ninja Turtles!!

5) Or maybe Cicakman?


They peep us through the window, get a gang and plan everything. Finally, steal our belonging (food!). OMG! You know what I mean after looking at these photos! I'd managed to snap a photo of a monkey.

Finding an ideal room.
Finding tricks.

After making several attempts, it failed and trying to find another victim who might give it banana! Lol....

You can view the whole moment via this video clip. It must be interesting by looking at how 'intelligence' it was.. ;)