01 January 2008

Save Them Right Now

"Will I see them again?"
This question keeps on spinning on my mind while reading Pktan's campain: Malaysia Wildlife Conservation Awareness.

Most of us are not aware that Tiger, Elephant, Rhino, Oran Utan and Turtles are in the under-extinction animals category. The Malaysian should be regretful for owning these animals in our rain forest. However, we destroy the forest, hunt these animals and export them to other country. Without realising it, these animals are under extinction. That's mean, we're almost losing them from this world.

Don't you feel sad?
We might not see the Leatherback turtle in Pulau Redang or the Sumatran Tiger in the zoo, or Borneo pygmy (elephant) or even the Pongo pygmaeus (orang utan) anymore. I don't know will my grandchild able to see them in real.. or just in the documentary in National Geography channel?

To help them,i choose to blog about this issue. I hope people in blogshere will take note about this issue and help them before it is too late.

"Stop buying any you stop the killing too"

"Save the world "