20 January 2008

Unbelievable Moment In Nuffnang+Youth Traffic Jam Event

I believe, there will be at least hundreds of people talking about how successful Nuffnang and Youth Traffic Jam event was. It was amazing, I mean the whole Traffic Jam event. Who will ever predict that there will be a big party just for the Nuffnangers? I don't. This idea has never came across my mind, not even 3point8 nor Yuin Yin.

Registered myself before entering the Youth'08 party and I got a chop on my hand!

I was stunned when I was there.
I was in the crowd of bloggers! Wow! A blogger party!!!
Wait a minute.

Is that generous Timothy Tiah?
Kennysia with his new hairstyle (botak?kekekzz)?
Nicole, the gorgeous lady with her black dress and white blouse?
Ringo, the beautiful blogger who love to travel?
And hey! The sporting Su Ann too?

I met the celebrities! (I still call them as celebrities although they don't admit it)
And fortunately....

I am so short le~

I managed to snap photos with them: Nicole Tan and kennysia!!!
Can you believe it? Wow... I even had a short conversation with both of them. WOw.... wow.. wow...

Honestly, they are so nice (ppstt.. and humble). I feel so close with them, like koko and jie jie. (although I don't have one..). *yahoo!*

However, I couldn't manage to snap photos with Ringo Tan and Pink Pau.. *Sigh*... Disappointed.
Anyway, I am so excited (till now!) for having the chance to meet these nice, blogger friends of mine....

Yuin Yin
And David Cheong

Michelle Chin

Knowing them in this Traffic Jam event has really brighten my day. I thought I will be alone, standing in a dark, cold corner.. Sob.. But hey! They are such a nice people and easy to get along with. We chat, we joked and having fun together although we just know each other for half an hour! Do you believe it? HAha....

Everything was unexpected and unpredictable.
Ok, you might ask, will there be other unexpected thing from me? Yes!
Before blogging about it, drum roll please...

*Drum roll*

Curryegg was rewarded for second prize with PS2 from iTalk. Yes... a PS2 which I dare not think of. Wow... My previous post on iTalk was being selected and that is my biggest compliment for my work. Thank you iTalk, thank you Nuffnang, thank you Youth, thank you everyone for your support.. ;D

BUt sad.. I don't have the photo of myself. Sob... anyone managed to shot my photo? If yes, please give me.. Thank you... :)

Here are the winners for:

The winner for the most promising blog in Nuffnang..
The winner for the biggest vote in Traffic Jam.
The winner for iTalk contest! I want the pink PSP!!!

Last but not least, Curryegg.Com's PC in Traffic Jam event has caught a lot of attention from the public, indirectly.

My visitors... hehe..

Zoom in...

I think, the reason should be the eggssssSS : The big yellow fake egg on the wall and the real eggs in the yellow maggie bowl on the table. Haha...
I placed my curry powder finally on the table, and myself too!
Kekezz... cool isn't?

Besides me, other blogger's designs are cool too.

From Yuin Yin. I like the rabbit...!!

From eMenang.com: Party mood.

From Technicolourfish. I like the fishes, both on the wall and pc! Creative.

From 3point8 with his poker cards.

Lol.. from David Cheong, haha...

From Jenkinyat. Simple and nice.. ;)

From squid-ink-blot. I love his design, artistic and unique..

Mr & Mrs Imram Pc.. Full of love.. :)

From Pinkpau.. lol.. I thought celebrity's blog shouldn't be here. Haha..

Ahww... It was so happening over there. How I wish my friends can share this intriguing moment together with me. Sigh.. sad...

Anyway, I should grab this chance to say thank you to my mum for helping me all the time. Thank you mum. Muacks. And of course, my dad for fetching me there. You're the best! We shall later play the PS2 together, ok? Who wanna join me?