18 January 2008

Dedication To New Visitors

Hello everybody!
I am Curryegg here and nice to meet you.

New visitors (especially from Traffic Jam event) who have never bumped into my blog may not know me and curryegg.com well. Instead of letting my lovely visitors struggle on clicking at my previous blog achievement, I would rather make a short review for them to make things easier. Life is always easy when we make things simple, don't you agree?

Before that, let me introduce myself.

My real name is Kelly Tan and the reason why I choose Curryegg as my nickname in blogger? I know, this is the most frequently question and let me answer it shortly. This name is actually created by my friends, Stc and Kty while we were still in secondary school. To be frank, I hate being called as 'Curryegg' at first because, they were like teasing me.

In Chinese, Tan means egg while Kelly sounds like curry. So, this is how the idea comes from:

Kelly + Tan = Kelly + Egg
+ Egg = Curry + Egg

= Curryegg

It is funny why I used 'curryegg' as my nickname now although I hate it so much at the very first place. I think, some behavioural theories (Povlov, Watson) have been applied into my life and now, I've used to it. Lol..

Oh ya. Back to our topic. I am Kelly Tan and I am a 20 years old student who takes counseling in UM. The way I perceive the world and producing my response is sometimes very different from the others and this is how it makes me an extra-ordinary, creative, stunning blogger.

Here are my most posted topics
  • Travel
  • News
  • Motivation posts
  • Odd stuff
  • Fashion
  • Discussion
  • Science
  • My diary (all about *me*)

And here are some highlighted posts that I love so much.

1) Travel
Being a parasite in her family, Curryegg can only travel places which are near and the place should be Malaysia.

Selangor: I've never been to any places as fun as this! My adventurous moment in Pulau Ketam.

What a beautiful view.. ;)

Is this the toilet? Uhh? @_@

Penang: Penang is a very beautiful state in Malaysia and you can find 'yummy' and cheap dishes here. For example laksa...hokkien mee, char kuey teow.. ;)

Have a look at Penang Map!

Kek Lok Si
What a beautiful view... seaside.. ;)

Pahang: Cameron Highland is the only place that you can find tea and strawberry plantation!

Life is so wonderful when you get the chance to enjoy your breakfast with beautiful scenery in Cameron Highland.

2) News:

Condom In Whopper

What? A customer in BUrger King have eaten a bigger with condom in it? Ridicilous!

Horror Yet Real

Accident and sex problem in Malaysia..

3) Motivation post

Am I beautiful?

Girls always worry about their psychical appearance but often neglect their health. This is the trend now and we should stop it!
Psychological disorders such as: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa.

4) Odd stuff

Men's push-up underwear VS Women's push-up bra

This most popular post of mine is inspired by our Malaysian famous blogger: Kennysia with his push-up underwear.
This post has touched some issues on man's and woman's perceptions. Read it and let us discuss about it here.

Man's push-up underwear?
Push up bra...

Halloween Day VS Hungry Ghost Festival?

The Chinese celebrates The Hungry Ghost Festival while the Western celebrates Halloween Day. Are there any similarities between these two festival

5) Fashion

Big Party In 2210 Fashion Avenue

I used to work with a Malaysia most famous fashion designer: Khoon Hooi and I've learned much thing about how to dress, the latest trend and people who involve in fashion.
I've even got the chance to witness fashion show in Fashion Avenue 2201 in The Garden, Midvalley.

Choose Your New Hairstyle!

Girls love

Help Me In Cosmetic.

6) Discussion

Shall the Woman Pick Up The Bill?

Do Beauty Come With Brain?

When you fall to a lady, what will be your main reason? Physical experience? Beauty?
I prefer both.. ;)

Feng Shui, Should We Believe It?
Most of the Chinese believe in Feng Shui since thousand of years ago. Do you believe in them?

7) Science

Do Animal Commit Suicide?

Some say that animal don't commit sucide but some say yes. What is your opinion? Yes or no?

Help WWF

SAve the endangered animals before it is too late..

8) My Diary

Fire In My Faculty?

It was ridicilous... Fire in my faculty?

Relaxing Moment With Curryegg

Holiday in Langkawi is such a great experience! I love spending time with friends... ;)

Bitter Herbs

BItter Chinese herbs. Have you tried it before?

My First Video:

Here's another review that I've done before. You can have a click on it: My 100th Post

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