04 November 2007

Can Animals Commit Suicide?

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I was reading a book yesterday: Can Cows Walk Down Stairs from Paul Heiney and I've found out this interesting question.

Can animals commit suicide?

Well, the author picks the word 'nature' should be used instead of 'commit suicide'. He explains animals die for the good of others is quite common. He gives some examples:

1) Bees will die to protect their hive.
This is true. People or creatures who go near the bee hive will get hurt, badly injures or even death. They are willing to die in order to protect their home.

2) Certain male bees are even ripped open by the queen during mating.
Gosh! Really? I've never heard about this. I am wondering how the queen rip them?

3) Some spiders may be devoured by their young.

4) Some of the female spiders will eat their male after the mating process *addition from me*
I heard about this before. The female Black Widow (L. mactans) will eat the male after mating. I saw this documentary in the National Geography some years ago. How cruel!!! I believe we, the women are cruel too when it comes to hatred in love. Don't believe? I've found out another proof.

5) Male preying mantises may be eaten by their mate during copulation.
Have you heard this before? This is another documentary I'd watched before. I should make a correction here. The male may be eaten before, during or after the copulation. It's depends on his LUCK. Lol..

Somehow, male is a great source of protein. So, usually the female with eats him after the process. Is that sounds scary? For more information: Here

Therefore, we shouldn't use the word commit suicide for the animals base on these nature reasons. They die for many reasons in which the human can understand. But.... how about the dolphins? Why they beached themselves on the beach? Is it because of their stressful life? Peers influences? Or because of they can sense something that the human's eyes can't see and hear? Or the dolphins can predict the future where disaster will happen like the Tsunami?

At Tanzania's Zanzibar archipelago few years ago. Click here for information.

Question! Question! Question!
Where are the answers?

Dolphin is a cheerful and happy-going-lucky mammal in water(in my perception). They live a happily-ever-after life in the ocean, before.... but not in todays world. Pollutions happen everywhere and this has disturbed the ecosystem.

Anyway, dolphins are considered the most intelligent aquatic animals with their friendly appearance in the human eyes. I believe most of you've seen the dolphins performance in the zoo or circus?

Happy moment with dolphins.

We, the humans even willing to save the dolphin who are tempting to 'commit suicide'. Well, should I use the word 'commit suicide'? Nevermind. Since we precious the life of the dolphin and other animals, why don't we precious our life too?

News about murders, commit suicide, drugs addictions, raping cases and etc becoming the everyday headline on the newspapers. Sigh...

Anyway, what I am truly sure is that the humans do commit suicide for hundreds of reasons. Is there any similar reasons between humans and animals in this case? For sure, the animals won't die for 'MONEY!!!!'. Haha...

Let me hear your opinions.