01 November 2007

My First Crush

(Dedicate this song for all my readers! Hope you enjoy it..my favourite song!)

Well, it's first of November and I should say Happy Birthday to KTY, my friend. I think the name of KTY appear in my blog before.. let me see... Yup.. Here

Well, thinking of KTY will make me thinking of my first love. Ok. I confess, he was my first crush for the past few years and I should say that was my puppy love.

I was surprised at that moment when KTY asked me to be his girl friend. Well, I accepted it since I had a good feeling on him. However, I didn't really understand the meaning of love. Well, I was just 14. Lol...

I was so innocent and knew nothing about the roles of a girlfriend. I still remembered that I didn't even dare to hold his hand nor stand too close to him. He was like a complete stranger to me even though I was in a relationship with him at that moment. I should sing:

"Sometimes I run, Sometimes I hide...
Sometimes I scare of you...."
Britney Spears: Sometimes

Unfortunately, our 'puppy love' only last for 2 months. We broke up at the end... in an ordinary way... uhh? ordinary?

Of course, I was so disappointed at that moment. Cried all the way. Oh ya. I've forgotten to say that he was my ex-classmate. I had to see him all the time and this was hard. It took me few months to cure my hurt feeling. Ok. That was over. Lol.. We're friend now. haha... What a sporting girl I am. Oopss!

Before, I didn't understand why we ended so soon. He didn't give me a good reason. I was lost until not long after that, I start to understand the meaning of love when I've grown up and be a bit mature. I've found out that, love without commitment and good communication will bring a relationship to the end. It will make the another half feels that, you're with them and care for them all the time.

You may have a crush on the guy who sits besides you for just a minute but it takes a day, a week, a month or even few years to forget him. This implies to me too. It's impossible for me to forget KTY since he was my first crush. What I heard, first crush is always the sweet one. Haha... I beg they are 75% right. Anyway, I should say thank you to KTY for teaching me some lessons and bring me to the world of love. Without him, I wouldn't know how to love, appreciate and care for the one I love. *sob*.... I'm touched. ^^

Thank you KTY. Hope that you and Siew will happy being together and God bless you guys.
And... Happy Birthday to you!!!!