11 November 2007

My Diary. Shhh...

I get a job finally. I will start working a week after my exam. Since Chinese New Year will be around, it's good to get a job and earn some pocket money.

Still remember Irene that I've blog about her before? (Post about Wow! Fashion show! and Day Will Fashion Designers: Click Here and Here). I will work with her in a boutique in a BIG shopping mall. Haha.. For those who stay in Kuala Lumpur, make a guess. My class will start in the beginning of January. So, it's just a temporary work for me.

Besides earning for my pocket money, I am thinking of a workshop that kuanyee has recommended in his blog. I wish to join the talk because I believe the workshop is good. Since I am in the field of Psychology and Counseling, it's good for me to see and learn others motivation talk and at the same time, improve myself. My biggest problem is the fee:

RM 1,688.00 (does not include airfare or accommodation)
RM 1,488.00 for group of 3 participants (does not include airfare or accommodation)
RM 1,288.00 for group of 5 participants (does not include airfare or accommodation)

For more information... here..

To be frank, it is quite expensive for me. I know, money doesn't mean anything since this workshop will help double or triple my earning in the future. Well, I've asked my parents and it's sad to see their gloomy faces. I can feel their pain since they're facing financial problem recently. First, my mum needs money to cure her broken hand. Ever since the accident, she is so emotional and I hardly talk with her. Dad has got a new job finally and I am happy for him. Next, my Grandma did her operation a year ago and now, she needs money for medicine (long-term). Mum even hired a maid for her in Penang since granny couldn't do much work now since my uncle can't effort to pay.

Thinking of those problems, I dare not push my parents too hard. I am seeking ways to join the workshop. I will try my best to persuade my friends to join me. Or anyone interested here? Give me a feedback in my mailbox : curryegg87@gmail.com.

Hope that I will be able to be there. Or else, I rather not to go.