17 November 2007

Horror Yet Real!

For all this while, I thought the world is beautiful, harmony, lovely and safe. However, everything is fake. From a colourful, bright world turn to be so grey and dark. Since when my mind turn to be so negative? It's not because of my great grandmother's death. It's nothing to do with her.

So, what has brought up my negative thinking of this world?
Answer: Cruel people.

As I was surfing the internet, I came across with The New Straits Time (Malaysia) website and read some news. Gosh! What I've found out?


Oops....man she had sex with not her husband.

KEMAMAN: She felt a warm body next to her. Thinking it was her husband, she did what came naturally.

The woman said she went to bed in their Chuping home about 5am on Friday after making preparations for Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations. Her husband had gone to work earlier.
About an hour later, she claimed, she felt a man next to her and she proceeded to make love to him. She claimed she did not see his face. When her 34-year-old husband walked into the room a little later, she said she was surprised to see him in his work clothes.

I know, this news was a month ago. Anyway, I found it interesting. How could she not realise that the man was not her husband? She even proceeded to make love with the stranger? Ok.. Maybe the day was still dark and she was too exhausted in which had caused her not to realise the man who slept beside her. But... wait a minute. Since she knew that her husband had gone to work, then how could she not alarm with the man who was sleeping beside her? Emm.... I am really curious about this.

Well, the first news is kinda joke to me. That is not the reason why I felt so angry. Let's scroll down your mouse and read further.


Girl, 17 claims rape by dad's ex-employee.

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Police detained a 42-year-old stall operator in Kubang Semang here after his former employer's daughter lodged a report claiming that the man had raped her on several occasions.

The 17-year-old girl claimed that the suspect used to work with her father.
She alleged that the suspect began raping her when she was 10 until she was 12.

However, she claimed the suspect repeated the offence in November last year.

The girl related her ordeal to her father recently.

The father, 50, detained the suspect on Thursday with the help of several villagers and a policeman.

The suspect has been remanded until Nov 22 for investigation.

Oh my... Another raping cases. Sighh..... It's sad to know that she was being rapped at the age of 10 till 12. What can a small girl do when she's still young and innocent. I don't think that an adult (no matter a male or female) should do such thing to a child. Adult should instead be a role model to the child, educate them, love them, nurture them , and take good care of them, not adding pains and leaving traumas on them. Sigh...

Here are the Shocking Latest News! I label it as Horror!!!

Girl Assaulted With Hammer.

MUAR: An 11-year-old girl is fighting for her life after she was repeatedly hit on the head with a hammer.

Lim Kai Ying was attacked by a man who had chased her in Jalan Parit Haji Bakri. The Year Five pupil is now in a coma in the critical care unit of the Sultanah Aminah Hospital after she was transferred from the Muar district hospital.

The SRKJ (C) Chung Hwa 3 pupil was riding pillion on a motorcycle with her mother Aree Sae Lim, 42, on their way to school about 7.15am yesterday. Their motorcycle was suddenly overtaken and blocked by another motorcycle ridden by a man wearing a full-faced helmet and dressed in a black T-shirt.

He got down from his motorcycle and pulled out a hammer which he swung in the direction of Aree Sae.

Aree Sae said she was able to dodge his blows but was worried that her daughter would be injured. She shouted to Kai Ying to run.
"Kai Ying got off the motorcycle and ran towards the school which was not far away," Aree Sae said. But to her horror, the motorcyclist chased Kai Ying.

Aree Sae said he hit Kai Ying on the back of the head with the hammer at least three times before running away.
"I ran to my daughter, she was on the ground with blood oozing from her head. "All she said was that her head hurt," said Aree Sae in tears.

Aree Sae said she had no idea why the man had attacked her as the family did not have any enemies and the man did not even try to snatch her handbag.
Muar Assistant Commissioner Mohammad Nasir Ramli said police were tracking down the suspect.

Those with information are urged to contact the Muar district police headquarters at 06-9526222.

It is heartening to read news about Kai Ying and her mum. I really don't understand why the cruel motorcyclist was willing to hit the girl? Why have she done to him? Why her? Why are they ruin her life? Can somebody explain this to me, cognitively, humanity, or behaviorally?

I hope Kai Ying will be safe and please get well. Those who have any information about her, just give a call and make a report at the number which has been shown above.

This might look like a news blog. Somehow, I think these news are worth to be shared Besides, to increase the awareness among us about the safety we should take. It's not just the Malaysian, it's the whole globe. Take my words and be safe...