28 November 2007

Khoon Hooi Is My Boss

It's time for me to make my confession that Mr Khoon Hooi is my boss. Honestly, I feel proud to have the chance to work in his boutique. However, it's sad to say that I haven't had the chance to meet him. Sigh...

Anyway, I know I will meet him.. some other day. I know it. Before meeting him, I should have prepared myself with all kind of information about him, Khoon Hooi's history and his achievements. Well, I've done my homework and it's time for me to share it here.

From The New Strait Time. Click here

In reality, this 34-year-old has won numerous awards and has had his designs worn by the cream of society. Ever since he was honoured as the Malaysia-International Fashion Awards (MIFA) Most Dynamic Designer last year, Khoon Hooi has come into public eye and how.

Of late, the fashion savvy have put their Vuittons and Guccis on hold in place of designs by this young contemporary designer.
And why not? His evening gowns, with their feminine flow and sensual style, are red-carpet worthy while his daywear has an edgy feel. Some of his clients trust his judgment so much that they even make a request for a new garment by just telling him what colour they want and what event it is for!

Don't that sound amazing? But, he doesn't just stop there. He became the first runner up for Malaysian Young Designer's Awards competition in 1996. Next, he had to represent the country to Singapore for the Asian Young Designers Award and then to Japan for the following competition. Ever since then, his name has caught attention from people around the world and this has leaded him to make his own fashion label :Khoon Hooi, five years ago. Proud to say that, I am now working for him. ;D

The latest news is he has received an award during "Bangkok Internation Fashion Week 2007" with Jimmy Choo! Isn't that cool? And Jimmy Choo, another famous Malaysian shoe designer who has brought his name to London. He is from Penang! Gosh! Another talented designer. You should know him: Here

Left: Khoon Hooi, Center: Jimmy Choo, Right: Dorian Ho (Hong Kong)
Click here for more information.

I am starting to pour my admiration on him after reading those articles. In the age of 34 years, he has done a great job.

Every successful people, there will be a story behind it and now, I am digging it. Haha... I know it must be amazing reading it.

His history:

"I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer the minute I left primary school," adds Khoon Hooi. While his two older sisters and one younger brother showed no interest in the arts at all, he recalls knowing that there was nothing else he'd rather do.

"There was no question about it. I'd set my heart on fashion."
Khoon Hooi went on to enrol in the Malaysian Institute of Arts, hoping to learn fashion and textile but faced opposition from his parents. "

They thought their son was going to be a
tailor! They allowed me to enrol there provided I also did a course in graphics or something else," he continues But nothing was about to get in his way of becoming a fashion designer. He finished the course in fashion and textiles and, upon graduation, worked in a small wholesale company manufacturing clothes.

"When I first started out, I was doing everything there but
sweep the floor," he says with amusement. "It was a great platform to start, though. The pay was low but I was given the liberty to do anything I wanted. "Of course, I couldn't be too extravagant as I was producing for a mass market but the job allowed me to be creative, from choosing the fabric right down to the selection of buttons."

He is such a humble guy and did everything start from the basic (which is what I am doing now accept sweeping the floor. Lol..). All I can say is hardwork always pays and he did that! Congratulation boss. You're such an enthusiastic and courageous person and you deserve a place in my blog. Haha... *bow*

"Siti Nurhaliza was seen in his red gown at the recent Bintang Popular Awards, Deanna Yusoff and Ida Nerina were decked in his creations for the recent Malaysia's 20 Most Glamorous Women event and socialite Shareen Ramlee was seen in a Khoon Hooi at a prestigious Montblanc event in Shanghai, China."

Uhhh... that how sweet. Siti Nurhaliza even asked Khoon Hooi to make her a wedding gowns which worth RM 50,000! Why? Because he uses over 30,000 real 2mm pearls on that gown! I saw that in the TV before. Stunning!

My boss has owned two boutique: One in StarHill and the newest outlet is in The Gardens-Midvalley in which I am working now.

Here are some of his design that I love the most:

Soft.. femine..

Sweet colour and I love it!
Creative design!
Do you know that, it is actually a pants not skirt? It's Creative don't you think so?

This is Khoon Hooi. I really love his design-feminine and stylish. For more photos click here
How I wish he can design a evening gown for me but... no $ Sigh.... (-_-)


There will be a fashion show on 4th December 2007 in Fashion Avenue 2201, level 2. Maybe I can meet my boss there and other designers too. For your information, Fashion Avenue is a large boutique that gather a number of local fashion designer under one roof. Isn't that great! I feel like shouting "Malaysia Boleh" right now. haha...

Feel free to make a visit there and let me serve you. It's my pleasure....