27 November 2007

Will My Grandma Lose Her Leg?

Here is a song that I feel like posting here. There's nothing to do with the meaning of the lyric. It's just the rhythm of the song that will describe my feeling to you right now, my dear blogger friend.
It's about: My Emotions.

Destiny Child - Emotions


I couldn't believe my grandmother fell down again and broke her leg yesterday in front of her house!

I was rushing back to Tanjung Malim, Perak yesterday to meet my granny who was in Slim River Hospital after work at that evening. She fell down from my aunt's car while she was trying to get down. Sigh... She should wait for my aunt instead of doing things by her own. BIG sigh... :(

My mum had been spending the whole night in the hospital while me, was not allow to be there since there should be only one guardian who can stay at night. So, I rested at my grandma's house for a night before moving to Hospital Sungai Buloh (today).

Granny is too ill to move and it is really hurt to hear her screaming and struggling in pain even though there is no one who touches her. I believe her nerves has caused her the pain besides the broken bone. She will undergo an operation on this coming Friday (30th November) and I hope she will be alright. Her bones are too fragile to be given an operation speedily. All she can do now is to bear in pain while waiting for Friday.... I hope she will not lose her leg. (since she has Diabetes and things might turn to be worst....)


Gosh! Doctor, please say she won't! I am afraid to think about that. No No NOOOO!!! Please... DON'T!!!

Amitabha.... I can sense that I am too emotional now. Thinking about my granny will only make me worried. I think I should sleep now. I will visit her again after my work tomorrow..