05 November 2007

Queuing Up For Blogging

I could never believe this will happen on me!
Never ever in my life. I swear!
How can they treat me like this? *sob*

Do you believe that I've to queue for nearly 3 hours in order to use my computer? You get me? Yes! MY COMPUTER??!!
It's ridiculous! Gosh...

My life has turned into a disaster once I taught my mum how to use the computer. Read further. Don't think that I am a bad daughter.. ;(

I taught her how to switch on the computer, ways to access her account and introduce her some software. Before, I taught it's good to make her a computer-literate woman. I want my mum to be up-to-date since now we're in the globalisation world. (at least she knows how to switch on the computer??..lol..) But.... not now...anymore... *sob* *sob*

I wanna teach her on how to use the Microsoft Word and Excel. However, before I can really explain those software to her, she stops somewhere I could never think of. Something that I could never believe it.

She stops at the Spider Solitaire games and soon, gets addicted. She can't stop herself from playing the games for hours and hours whenever she comes back from work.This is not what I am hopping for.

To make matter worst, she even taught my dad on how to play the games. Now, that's good.. Both of my parents are addicted to spider solitaire and I don't even get much time to blog especially weekend. I am addicted too! Not the game but to blog! Try to imagine my feeling when idea is rushing out from my neurons and I don't get the chance to type them? Sigh... ;(

For today case, I can only get myself online at 11.15pm (before, I am free to online anytime I want).

Here is our family schedule.

  • Dad: 8.30-10.00pm
  • Mum: 10.00-11.15pm
  • Me: 11.15pm and onwards

It's ok for me since I don't have exam until next Wednesday. I am free now! I know, as a good, lovely, patient daughter, I should be tolerance and be happy for them since they've found out their new way to entertain themselves other then the TV. They need entertainment after works. Ok, Ok.... I know, I know.. I will teach her more games. Lol...